A year-round holiday home

In Portugal you can find plenty of holiday homes a stone throw away from the sea, next to a beautiful natural wonder or in a hip city. Wherever you are, you are never far away from an airport be it Porto in the North, Lisbon in the Centre or Faro down south in the Algarve.

Enjoy life, eat, sleep, repeat

In Portugal there is a place for all who love living the best experiences: historical cities to discover, world-renowned cuisine to taste, natural landscapes to admire, and spectacular beaches to enjoy.

A small country with immense diversity and limitless holiday possibilities. Step into a world where you can start the day in small village, go for lunch in a historical town centre, enjoy the afternoon under the shade of a tree by a waterfall, watch the sunset on the beach, have dinner in a hip restaurant and then watch the stars guiding you into the night.

Many tourists are drawn to Portugal for its glorious climate and stunning beaches. Yet in the last few years, visitors and new residents have fallen in love with a progressive society, reliable services, fast internet, low crime rates and the love for individual freedom.

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Buy the home of your dreams

Portugal is set to become the best place to live and to holiday for generations to come. With protected coastlines and natural parks, refurbished cities and strong cultural heritage, beauty will never be spoiled by over construction. 

Buying a house in Portugal is buying a home. There is no place like Portugal to leave a long lasting valuable property investment. The country is favourable to foreign investment, there is low taxation for Expats, amazing quality of life and if need be, a great healthcare system.

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Attending in Portugal is your best move.

  • Cost of living 35% lower on average, according to the OECD
  • Portugal is the 3rd most peaceful country in the world out of a sample of 163 countries
  • Ease of communication & Foreign Language
  • Very favorable income tax rates
  • Competitive Real Estate
  • Political stability