How to connect to InPortugal

First step, Register.

InPortugal has limited places so you can have the best experience. By using our application you will never get lost and don’t worry, we will always remind you of the content that matters to you.

Second Step, Download the APP

Available both on the Mac App Store or Google Play, InPortugal’s app is where everything you need to know will be.

Simply use your Swapcard username to connect. No Swapcard account? No problem!
Just click on the button to receive the “magic link” and then add your username and password. Done, you are in!

Third step, prepare your visit

One you are inside InPortugal’s APP you can choose who to visit, book meetings and save a seat for the conferences you want to attend. Just click on the menus you are interested in and follow the instructions.

That’s it! Now you are ready to look for the house of your dreams, start your relocation plans, find exclusive deals to invest in or open your new business in Portugal.

After a few seconds it will be easier for you to speak with an expert than finding a conference room inside an exhibition hall.

InPortugal is your best move.